An update of sorts

Recently as I perused several blogs and felt a pang of envy, I realised how much I miss blogging. This feeling of longing was strange as I have not received much feedback or amassed many followers.   I have had good reason to be awol – see  

So I have gotten married, had a baby and recently moved my family back to Lusaka to explore what life may hold for us here.  In this new life, I have started a contract working as an accountant, which has involved much travel and sapped my creative juices.  As a result blogging, and writing in general, have been pushed completely out of my mind.  I dare say I miss writing a great deal, but reading through my previous posts, I realise I have been living in a bubble and been unable to get passionate about things the way I used to.  I have also been using what little creative juices I have to write a novel, which I have neglected over the last few months for various reasons (more of which in the future perhaps).

I am wondering whether I can continue this blog, given I am no longer a reluctant immigrant.  I still want to comment on the happening's in the West, race and gender but not sure I can continue this under heading.  So what are my options? Perhaps to start something completely new about life in Zambia or to give you a glimpse of my novel?   To move from blogspot, which those in the know say is outdated and take my writings with me? Any and all advice much appreciated.  For now I am off to add to the novel and see where it takes me.

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