Mr Jackson is dead

I was shocked to receive a text from my sister this morning announcing the demise of Michael Jackson, the always talented, recently strange and controversial pop icon (?).

I am an old school Michael fan (yes, it was a first name thing, like Ella, Nina, Lena, Billy, Quincy, Stevie et al). I fell in love listening to my parent's Jackson five albums; he had me at ABC (;-)) and kept me till HIStory, after which things were a little too strange for me.

I cannot claim to be a diehard fan of anything (maybe finance?) so I do not comprehend the outpouring of grief but I understand the premature end of a life; a life as tragic as Mr Jackson's deserved a happier ending than this.

I have been lately bewildered by his life (I prefer to enjoy my heroes at arm’s length) and I am saddened by his death because he seemed to lead such a surreal life. In reality, as human beings, all we have are the experiences of this life; despite his talent and riches, Mr Jackson's appeared to be unhappy in his. I hope wherever he is now, he has found the peace he could not find amongst us.

As the media continue to mock him and attempt to create a frenzy, I wish his family, and especially his children, well. I hope they are able to live a better life than their father.

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